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We genuinely want you to have a good experience from shopping with Ragsdale Home Furnishings. We'll do everything possible to make this happen. It is the nature of the business that we cannot control every aspect of the process however. For example, we do not craft the items ourselves and very often shipping is handled by others as well. There are certain measures that we have to take to protect our business as well as your own interests. Please take a few moments to review our policies and procedures. Ragsdale Home Furnishings reserves the right to all said policies and procedures as outlined below.


Many of our items ship direct from our location. We will typically not ship our products out from our location until either payment has been received or we have successfully processed the customer's credit card.

Most of our product offering is made to order and shipped direct from either the Craftsman who crafts the item(s) or the manufacturer. We are not always notified when items ship direct (drop shipped) until a few days after they have been shipped. We do provide tracking info on all orders when shipped. Because some items are made to order according to your selection of options and because they may be shipped direct, we must receive payment prior to your order being placed with the manufacturer or if credit card information has been provided for the order, then we reserve the right to process the credit card at the time of the order or within one week of placing the order. For large orders of $1500 or more, Ragsdale Home Furnishings may elect to charge 50% of the order initially, and the balance when we are made aware that most of the items within the order are ship ready (this applies to orders placed by phone).

When ordering online through our secure online shopping cart, upon checkout, you will be brought to a payment page for making payment. At that time, you will be making payment for your entire order in advance. Because of this, we do not receive your credit card information and cannot make any possible dollar amount adjustments to your order. For any customization or special requests that involve dollar amount adjustments to your order (up or down), we suggest using the "Pay By Check" option at checkout and then calling us with credit card information thereafter. Or we can modify your order after it is placed and you would be sent an electronic invoice for balance payment.

Made to order items have associated "lead times". Lead times vary greatly among manufacturers, Lead times also vary according to the product selected, options selected, and whether all parts to assemble the item are currently available. We do our best to communicate what the lead time will be for your item. Please understand that we cannot control all of the variables involved to produce your item. We ask that you please plan accordingly in advance of your desired delivery date.

This web site serves as a provision of samples to help you in determining options for selection. With this web site, Ragsdale Home Furnishings, Inc. has provided the customer with samples and reserve the right to accept payment for the services of ordering and/or assembling a product on our customers behalf prior to the item shipping to the customer.

Many or most of our items are made to order items and crafted to your specifications or perhaps based upon options that you have chosen. Ragsdale Home Furnishings makes its best effort in presenting the specifics about an item such as sizing, finish and approximate lead times. Whence your order has been placed with our craftsman or manufacturer, your order CANNOT BE CANCELLED and the customer is responsible for the balance due on the item. In many cases, particularly with furniture pieces, we will require a 50% deposit in order to secure a position within their schedule to produce your item. This deposit is one that is forwarded to our craftsman or manufacturer and not retained by Ragsdale Home Furnishings.

It is important that you ask as many questions as necessary about a product that you are interested in prior to making your order, in order to ensure that an item will work for you both aesthetically as well as within a physical space.


Many or most of our product offerings are either custom, or made-to-order to your specifications. By now, you may have already become aware that there are many finish or material options available for your selection. We realize that it can sometimes be a bit challenging to make important decisions about your purchase over the Internet. This is one of the reasons why we go the extra mile in assisting our customers with their decision-making process. Items which are NOT made to order can be returned without a restocking fee with our authorization.

Ragsdale Home Furnishings is committed to providing superior quality products as well as a high level of customer service. We go to great lengths to assist our customers in making appropriate decisions regarding their purchase in the hope that you will be pleased with the result. Prior to your actual order, we may have many conversations with you either by email or by telephone. We also provide a number of customization services or execute a custom solutions specific to your need. Although we are genuinely concerned about your overall satisfaction, we believe that we have done everything possible in the decision-making process prior to your order.

We cannot accept the return of an item that has been installed or used in any way. We will not accept returns on any item that is not defective or damaged from shipment after 7 days of its delivery. In the event that we do accept a return within this 7-day period, the customer is responsible for return shipping and shipping costs along with insurance. A restocking fee of "up to" 35% of the item cost will not be refunded to the customer on items which are made to order. For example, if the item cost were $100 and shipping $10, then a total of $65 would be credited to the customer for a return within the 7 day period. Once again, the customer is responsible for appropriately repacking in the original container and the shipping cost back to Ragsdale Home Furnishings. Any possible return must be authorized with an Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number prior to shipping back. Ragsdale Home Furnishings will then provide shipping instructions and a ship to address for the item. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RETURN ANY ITEM WITHOUT AN AUTHORIZATION from Ragsdale Home Furnishings first. We cannot be held responsible for your return otherwise. Ragsdale Home Furnishings reserves the right to provide a store credit in lieu of a cash credit in some cases.

Any possible defective product, or damaged product from shipment will be replaced just as soon as possible. Items must be inspected by the recipient immediately upon receipt and reported to us within 5 days of receipt. Again, we cannot replace your item(s) if you do not report any possible damaged or defect within 5 days of receipt. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR ANY DAMAGE OR DEFECT YOURSELF. PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL A DAMAGED OR DEFECTIVE ITEM BEFORE CONTACTING US. PLEASE DO NOT USE ITEM IF IT IS PERCEIVED TO BE DAMAGED OR DEFECTIVE. Otherwise the product will be considered tampered with by its manufacturer and cannot be replaced. Ragsdale Home Furnishings would, in this case, have the item picked up and a replacement remade and shipped out in an expedited manor. For efficiency sake, if the customer has access to a digital camera, we ask that you take a snapshot of the defect or damage to the item as well as the packaging (if damaged) and email this to us. We can then make things happen even quicker. PLEASE DO NOT DISCARD ORIGINAL PACKAGING OR BOXES. We cannot make a claim with the shipping company without it. Returned items will be inspected upon it's arrival and replaced. Damaged items or defective items WILL BE REPLACED and cannot be returned for refund unless you agree to a 35% restocking fee.


privacy & safety policy. We use, store, and protect our customer's personal information. We use third-party banking to verify payment, the way you collect data or when will you contact users after their purchase was completed successfully.


Our user’s privacy is of the highest importance to your business, so take the time to write an accurate and detailed policy. We use straightforward language to gain their trust and make sure they keep coming back to our site!


IWe welcome wholesale inquiries. were interestied in selling our lamps in high end stores. Arts and crafts are our passion. we also like to furnish Hotell and Motels and hunting lodges


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