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Prairie Craftsman Reading Lamp with mica

Prairie Craftsman Mica Reading Lamp Yellowstone

$835.00 Regular Price
$668.00Sale Price

Sumer Sale

This Classic Prairie style lamp is made of carefully hand-picked quarter sawn white oak and uses genuine mica in the shade. The two solid brass electrical sockets are newly made in the Edison style. A patina has been carefully applied to all solid brass lamp parts so they will look old. The pull chains are 8" long and you can choose from solid brass pulls or real acorns. The real acorn lamp pulls are at a slightly higher cost than the brass pulls because of extra time taken to process them. The measurement from the table top to the bottom of the shade is 21". The lamp stands 28" high and measures 18" by 18" at the widest part of the shade. We were proud to have this lamp selected by the set interior designers of Kevin Costner's Mini Series Yellowstone. 

Stain Color
  • Dutton Ranch Lamp as seen in Yellowstone

    The base model of this lamp is Fumed Dark Oak Stain Color with amber mica shade panel and brass pull chains for $835. If you would like to add customizations, please select different options from the buttons of the OPTIONS page, call the shop at (269) 275-8208 or email We try to keep the base models of all lamps in stock and that makes your delivery time faster. All other selections are probably not in stock and will take longer depending on the selection and amount of customization.

    To add real acorn pull chains or an oak leaf medallion to your order please select them from the products page and add them to your shopping cart separately.

  • Rustic Log Cabin Style Mission Oak and Mica Lamps

    The right mission oak lighting can add drama and elegance to your rooms.  Different mission oak lamps lighting effects contribute to create atmosphere.  General or ambient mica or stained-glass lighting begins to se the mood; whether turned up bright or dimmed down low.  The even glow of mica shaded lamps or a mission chandelier sets the tone.  The mission oak light through a pleated shade is exactly the tone of this rich warm light. Ambient mission oak lighting often works along with task lighting; an arts and crafts lamp pulled up next to a reading chair or next to a bed provides the direct beam of light that is the task light. This is the light that lets you read or work in a dimly lit room.  But it is also the contrast between general mission oak light and the sharper pools of task light that provide mystery and drama to the interior.   The most romantic lighting is accent lighting in our world that means mica lamp shades. The gleam of candles through mica hurricanes, the glow of votives in stained glass scattered through the room across the dining room table or along the mantel.  Tappers aloft above a dining table, bathe the china and crystal in a soft glow, nothing is more atmospheric than mission oak light.  Often all three types of light are used together as a dark entrance hall glow with candles and barely a glimmer of a mission oak chandelier in the hall gives way to the brighter sparkle from silk shades and crystal from the room beyond.

  • TV Mini Series Yellowstone Lamp

    Our Prairie Craftsman Series of lamps are seen in the Yellowstone section of this website

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