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Limbert 251 Mission Arts and Crafts Table

Limbert 251 Mission Arts and Crafts Table

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I have to tell you folks that i really enjoy hand crafting these little Tabourettes as they were hand crafted by artisans in the Grand Rapids area over 100 years ago. The table is done in the style of the original Charles P. Limbert Company's 251 Tabourette which was made between 1892 and 1923. This table is kiln dried solid hand selected quarter sawn white oak, which is sawn in some of the finest mills in Lower Michigan. Signed by the craftsman Phil Myer.

The octagon top is 16" X16" and is 7/8" thick; the table is 24 inches tall. The table's top is spline jointed, and the corbels supporting the top are mortise, and tennon.

The Tabourette can be used to compliment any mission style setting, and is great when used as a plant or lamp stand.

Stain Color
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